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How Talk Story works

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1. You curate questions*

We send questions with helpful prompts using our automated system, which keep the stories flowing.

*Use our ~300 question template to start

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2. They answer

They record video / audio on their mobile device then upload it to a shared Dropbox folder. We’ve created detailed guides to help the process along.

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Recording a Talk Story interview

Viewing a Talk Story interview in private

3. Your video storybook

Videos are automatically organized and privately available for you to watch and enjoy. Pay a little over a ☕ a month for the duration of your interview(s).

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Helping perserve your family's stories

You've tried countless services that have wanted photos, audio, and text of your family's precious moments. Yet, something's missing. You still haven't captured the stories like video can.

By signing up for a TalkStory account and participating in our guided interviews, you'll end up with hours of stories from your loved ones - available as a video storybook.

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Free account

With a free account, download all our questions and with the help of our step-by-step guides, manually conduct your own Talk Story interviews.

Paid subscription

A paid subscription allows our automated service to help guide you and your loved ones through a series of personally curated questions. Only pay for the duration of your interview.

10 completed interviews, 1000 answered questions

Pricing Plans


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Budding storytellers

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Family Historian

$4.99 / month

Family historians

For busy preservationists

All free features

Up to 8 automated Talk Story interviews

Custom, curated questions


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